Fire Prevention

I was so very pleased when I found infinity signs, I had just received a new fire prevention vehicle for the fire department and I wanted something on it that as I drove through town anyone who would look at me truck it would remind them of the importance of fire safety. Of course I was no designer and had a couple ideas I just didn’t know how to put it together. I visited several agencies with my request and from all those other agencies I was told I needed to create the design and then they could help me, it just didn’t appear they really wanted to work with me. When I walked into Infinity they immediately started putting ideas together I would have never thought of! They asked me to give them a couple days and they would have me the perfect design, I was very excited that maybe I had found the best company in the Treasure Valley area. Two days later I was given a call to come review their design and it was amazing within a week I was a driving billboard of fire safety. Thank you so much Infinity signs for your respect and professional attitude in helping me achieve my goals. I’m pretty sure if you have ever been driving around the area you have seen my truck. Please put safety first, and if you need help with a design call Infinity design!