Window Wall GraphicsCustom wall graphics are an easy way to customize a commercial space and leverage that space to help your business. There are a wide variety of custom graphics solutions to choose from and Infinity Signs NW provides can really provide the best solution for your business.

Wall graphics come in many different forms such as vinyl letters on the wall, large graphics applied with vinyl or custom printed commercial wallpaper, flat panel signs or pictures, mounted flat or with standoffs or multiple panels and graphics all blended together to create a summary of your business products and services.

Use custom wall graphics to:

  • Rebrand a space
  • Add character
  • Highlight architectural features or décor

Wall graphics can be installed quickly, and removed easily for temporary or permanent use. When removing wall graphics, the wall is not damaged in any way, making them perfect for businesses who rent their space.

Window Graphics

Wall Graphics

Much like wall graphics, window graphics can transform an ordinary space into something dynamic. They turn a plain window into an advertising opportunity to enhance a brand, product, or service.

The graphic design team at Infinity Signs NW can create a window graphic for permanent or temporary use to add visual interest or provide valuable information to the public. Window graphics are very versatile, and can be designed in a variety of ways. They can cover the entire window or just a portion of the window.

A big draw for window graphics is that unlike with installing a new sign, they do not require a permit and can be added, changed, or taken down whenever you please. Many businesses choose to have new window graphics installed for each season, certain holidays, or big sales.

Window graphics can be used to:Wall Graphics

  • Build a brand
  • Enhance privacy
  • Provide vital information
  • Promote specials and sales
  • Block the sun

Contact the team at Infinity Signs NW about creating a custom wall or window graphic to enhance your commercial space.